5 reasons to automate Sales Representative commission calculation.

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Sep 11, 2018, 2:50:12 PM
5 reasons to automate Sales Representative commission calculation.

1. Staff Optimization

Automation of business processes in the work of a sales representative can reduce the number of necessary employees, in particular, engaged in routine work.

2. Protection from fraud

A sales representative may receive a commission only for the purchase to which he is directly related: SR processed the order, the customer assigned to the sales representative made a purchase or the product assigned to the sales representative was purchased. The system will not allow receiving commissions for the other people's orders (orders that have been placed without the involvement of the sales representative).

3. Speed and efficiency

When using the automatic Sales Representative system, the order processing speed increases, the work of employees is accelerated - sales representatives see their indicators in real time and are constantly working to improve them.

Sales representatives may not waste time on creating reports but use it more effectively to increase sales. A store owner can allow or deny an access to the reports.

4. Employees control

The company's management can easily track the sales of sales representatives. This increases the efficiency of agents, raises the quality of the work, makes clear to perform the sales plan.

5. Sales growth

The growth in sales using a Sales Representative module for Magento 2 is determined by several factors:

  • automatization of business processes helps the sales representative to visit more customers per working day and to accept more orders;
  • extensive analytical and reporting capabilities allow the supervisor to more accurately structure sales information and make the most realistic sales plan.


Sales Representative Extension is a serious advantage of the company in the market. It is an innovation that helps to grow business. Using the Sales Rep Extension for Magento 2, you will always be one step ahead of competitors.