Stop Spam! Meet new Google Invisible ReCaptcha extension for Magento 2!

Posted in Magento 2 By BrainActs

Mar 4, 2019, 6:51:42 PM
Stop Spam! Meet new Google Invisible ReCaptcha extension for Magento 2!

It's been a while since the last news entry.

And today we are thrilled to announce our new extension Google Invisible ReCaptcha for Magento 2.

We receive a lot of emails from our customers to help them protect their stores from spam.

Perhaps you were confronted with a similar problem when thousands of new fake users register at your store.

Brainacts Recaptcha

That's why we have created a new extension.

It allows you to integrate Google Recaptcha into your Magento 2 store in a few minutes.

As always we've tried to create a useful extension with flexible settings .

Brainacts Recaptcha settings

You can choose a captcha type - invisible recaptcha badge or I'm not a robot block and show it on:

  • Contacts page;
  • Login page;
  • Registration (Create an account) page;
  • Forgot a password page.

You can disable ReCaptcha at contacts page for logged in users to not irritate your loyal customers.

If you choose invisible recaptcha badge, ReCaptcha will only appear when suspicious activity.

Brainacts Recaptcha extension

Note: The small badge will be shown at the site in the left or right corner for all users but only suspicious users need to confirm that they are not a robot. So your site will be user-friendly but protected from bots registrations.

Ready? Don't waste your time!

Protect your store today!

There are only necessary functionality has been included to the extension. But we are working on improving BrainActs Magento extensions every day, so if you need some features or have any questions, let us know.