Great News! "For each X spend customers receive Y Point" rule is added to our Free Reward Points extension!

Posted in Magento 2 By BrainActs

Oct 12, 2017, 8:31:29 PM

Our dev team is working hard to make our extensions more useful.

We have added new "For each X spend customers receive Y Point" earning rule to the Brainatcs' extension.

Brainatсs Reward Points

  1. Go to the Magento admin=>Sales=>Reward Points=>Earning rule Brainatсs Reward Points

  2. Create new rule
    • Choose name, description, website, customer group, period, make it active. Brainatсs Reward Points Rule

    • Set up the priority level from 0 to N. If there are many rules are enabled, the rule with the highest priority will be applied. Brainatсs Reward Points Priority

    • Skip conditions tab.
    • At the action tab choose For each X spend customers receive Y Point type
    • Setup X and Y values.
    • Save this rule.
  3. Once the rule is enabled, customers will receive Y points for each X spend.Reward Points Front

  4. Enjoy!