How to check if the Magento security patches are installed.

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Apr 6, 2018, 1:58:19 PM
How to check if the Magento security patches are installed.

Each Magento store owner should take care about site security. This is “gold” rule for good business men. Safe and protected store is a good guarantee for customers who don't want to lose their money and become а victim of hacking.

Because of Magento’s open source code hackers can find an unprotected parts and steal important information or receive full access to the site.

That’s why Magento releases security patches - to protect code and make the platform stronger.

The full list of security patches can be found here.


 magento security patches installation

Magento shows great communication with their clients. Security alert can be found in Magento admin once new security patch or update is released.

Brainacts magento security alert

It is really important to download security patches at Magento Security Center only. There are a lot of fake emails and links which can damage your site.

So how to check if the Magento security patches are installed?

The best way is to check the security patches at Magereport site. This great tool has been developed for Magento store owners and Magento developers to help them monitor site security.

There are few more checks are implemented as well:

  • GuruInc Javascript Hack
  • Cacheleak vulnerability
  • Webforms vulnerability
  • Cryptojacking code detected
  • EM_Ajaxproducts RCE vulnerability
  • Unprotected Magmi
  • Visbot malware
  • Unprotected development files
  • Brute force attacks
  • Ransomware detected
  • SSL protection

So this tool checks almost all possible security issues.

If all patches are installed and your site is protected, you’ll see green report:

Brainacts magento patches

If patches are not installed, you can see another report:

how to check security patch

Once you have this report, you can start working on the site protection. Because you’ll have a list of things to start working on.

Some patches can’t be detected. In this case Magento developer need to check store code to check if this patch is installed or not.


We, at Brainacts, make site security our top priority.

We are working on patches installation really carefully to keep all functionality and provide fast and quality result.

We recommend to upgrade your Magento store or install all Security patches asap to prevent possible issues and hackers attacks.

Contact us today to protect your Magento store!