Payment and shipping restrictions

Disable payment, shipping method on frontend based on product info, shipping information, order data, customer group

Magento 2.2.* - 2.3.*
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About our Extension

Payment and shipping restriction extension for Magento 2 by Brainacts allows hiding certain payment or (and) shipping methods at front based on different rules.

Payment Restriction.

From now on admin can create payment restriction for different store views, choose different customer groups, add certain conditions.

It is possible to hide all payment methods or just certain ones.

You can also restrict payment method(s) based on shipping information, product information, order data.

Brainacts payment restriction for Magento 2
Brainacts shipping restriction for Magento 2

Shipping Restriction.

If you need to limit shipping methods on your store, create new shipping restriction:

  • based on shipping information (country, state, city, street);
  • based on customer group;
  • based on order information;
  • based on product info.

Disabled shipping methods will not be available for customers.

Awesome Features

Hide on Front-end payment method

Hide on Front-end shipping method

All hidden payment and shipping methods are visible in Back-end area

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