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Reward Points

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Magento 2.2 - 2.3.*
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About our Extension

FREE Reward Points extension for Magento 2 has been developed for store owners in order to create great and long relationships with their customers.

How it works?

Create Spending Rule: choose store view and customer group, add points amount and monetary step. (for example 1000 points = $1).
Use simple rules for applying reward points or create your own earning rule.
Notify your customers about the new program.
Leverage the power of your loyalty program and grow your business today!

BrainActs reward Points
BrainActs Reward Points Checkout

Simple Rules

We have added a few simple rules to apply reward points to simplify the configuration:

  • for registration
  • for sharing a wish list
  • for submitting reviews

You just need to fill points amount in admin panel and the customer will automatically receive points for his actions.

So the customer will have a reason to make next purchase.

Reward Points earning rules

There are a lot of other combinations in this extension. You can create any rule that fits your business model.
(For example "For Each X Spend Customers Receive Y Point" rule)

Simply add a monetary step for each customer group and start using great Reward Points solution from BrainActs.

BrainActs  free Reward Points rules
BrainActs Reward Points transactions

Reward Points Transaction

All transactions have been added to the history table.

Store owner/admin can add or remove points manually.

Reward Points History Tab

The user can recheck points balance at the "Reward Points History" of "My account" section.

BrainActs reward Points
BrainActs Reward Points Checkout

How to use Reward Points?

Reward points feature is added to the Shopping cart page and Checkout.

If the user has enough points, they can be used as a discount during checkout.

Awesome Features

Free extension

Easy configuration

Simple Rules

A lot of earning rules

Transaction history

Manual update

Use at Shopping cart or Checkout

Review extension ability and functionality


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