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Sales Representative

Easy control commissions for your sales representatives

Magento 2.2.* - 2.4.*
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About our Extension

Meet Sales Representative extension for Magento 2. Easily manageable module was created to help you forget about any manual work.

Magento admin or store owner can assign customers, orders and products to the specific sale representatives by using this extension. Commissions’ rate can be managed for each SR separately.

Different rates can be setup for products, orders and customers.

BrainActs Sales Rep
BrainActs Sales Representative

New “Sales Representative” column was added to the order grid.

New tab with assigned sales representative(s) was added to the order view as well.


New Sales Representative users can be created in two different ways:

  • Without an access to the Magento admin. In this case Sales Representative won’t be able to manage client’s orders. But the system can calculate commissions based on the set of rules.
  • With an access to the Magento admin. It means that SR can work with Magento according to the given permissions.
BrainActs Sales Rep
BrainActs Sales Representative

Commission rates.

It is possible to set different commissions rates for your managers.

  • Order Rate.
  • Rate for Customers.
  • Rate for Products.

Product’s rate.

Admin or store owner can set up fixed or percent rate.

Product rate
Assigned Products

To apply this commissions rate, products need to be assigned to the manager in the Products tab.

Rate for customers.

If you need to calculate commissions while working with your clients, set Customer’s rate (fixed or percent).

Customers rate
Assigned Customers

How can you do this? Select the clients in the Customers tab. This way they will be assigned to the specific manager.

Order rate.

If managers create orders in the Magento admin, order rate can be applied.

To use this rule, Sales Representative needs to have an access to the Magento admin panel.

Order Rate
Auto Assign Sales Rep

Sales Representative can be assigned to the orders, created in the Magento Admin panel, manually or programmatically.

  1. Manually: once the order is created, Magento user can add a specific Sales representative to this order in the representative tab.
  2. Programmatically: change the module’s settings to allow an assignment of SR to the Order Automatically. Since this moment the specific manager will be added to backend orders.

How to restrict an access?

Extension’s settings allow you to add an access restriction. In case the restriction is enabled, Sales Representative (or group) will be able to view or edit own orders only.

Sales Rep: restricted access
Sales Rep: configuration

Some managers (main Sales Representative) need full access to the orders?

Create new role in Magento and select it in the module settings.

Commission reports.

BrainActs team has added 4 reports to the extension:

  • by product
  • by customer
  • by order
  • by Sales Representative
Brainacts Sales Representative Reports
New Sales Representative Report

All sales information (orders, commissions) was added to the report by Sales Representative:

  • customer rate - if system calculates commissions for clients, it will be shown in this report;
  • product rate - if customers purchase assigned to this Sales Representative products, it will be added to this report;
  • order rate - if orders will be assigned (manual or programmatic assignment), you can also see this information on the report by Sales Rep.

Email notification.

To improve customers service we have added an email notifications. If manager’s client purchase something at the site, a responsible Sales Representative will receive the email. It will reduce the time of order processing.

It is easy to customize a template and add helpful information for your managers.

Brainacts Sales Representative emails
Brainacts Sales Representative front

Let your customers select their Sales Representative at the front-end.

Your customers want to see the information about their managers? Now you can give them such an ability. They can also choose or change Sales representative.

Information about Sales Representative at the front-end.

New field was added to the Sales representative member. So store owner can provide more information about managers and show it at the store front.

Brainacts Sales Representative front-end
Sales Representative Brainacts

Assign manager to the customer via Customer View.

From now on, Magento admin can assign Sales Representative to the client during account creation in the Magento admin panel.

Customer grid.

Information about the assigned manager was added to the customers grid.

Brainacts Sales Representative grid
brainacts sales rep customer requests

Customers Requests (back-end).

Extension has flexible settings and gives you an opportunity to create your own rules. Customers can change their managers with or without Admin’s approval. In case approval is required, all pending customers’ requests will be shown in the Magento admin. The request can be rejected or approved. Admin will receive an email not to skip the new request.

Sales Representative Dashboard.

Now Sales Representative can see commissions and request a withdrawal at Sales representative dashboard. Information about assigned customers and products are shown at the dashboard as well.

Brainacts Sales Representative dashboard
brainacts sales rep customer requests


Main admin/store owner can see/manage all withdrawal requests or create a new one. All sales representative’s requests are shown as pending. Admin can cancel the request or approve it.

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Awesome Features

Flexible settings

Different rates

Manual or auto assignment

4 reports

Auto assign Sales Rep to the backend orders

Orders/invoices Restriction

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